Greetings! Welcome to saraherobey.com, my tiny space on the world wide web.

cropped-cropped-basket.jpgMy name is Sarah Robey and I am an Assistant Professor of the History of Energy at Idaho State University. I completed my PhD in American history at Temple University in Philadelphia. My dissertation, “The Atomic American: Citizenship in a Nuclear State, 1945-1963,” examined how the threat of nuclear war shaped American culture and society during the early Cold War. The project took me to archives across the country in search of sources that help me understand how Americans imagined themselves as members of local, national, and global communities under the stresses of the nuclear Cold War. You can find out more about my background and academic life on my about page.

When I’m not reading, writing, or thinking about the history of nuclear energy and nuclear war, I am an avid baker, a reluctant distance runner, and an around-town bicyclist.

Please feel free to get in touch with me, or you can find me on LinkedInAcademia.edu, or Instagram.